About Us

The current Mazzoleni & Facori organisation planted its roots in 1975. The company was established on the initiative of professionals who came from other firms operating in the international shipments field, with the aim of providing skilled, customs assistance.

The company’s attributes of professionalism, punctuality and quality of service were recognised by the Clientele and it soon encouraged the company to expand beyond the confines of a professional practice and to embrace the features of a more developed organisation.
It was an organisation which saw it’s own development advance in step with the specialised technological innovations necessary to respond to market requests.

The high quality of the services provided encouraged Clients to request that Mazzoleni & Facori’s pres-ence in more significant fields that were more closely linked to the management and movement of goods.

The development of specific business areas followed on from this: inland shipments, shipping and air for-warding, as well as logistics and management of warehouses.

Mazzoleni & Facori is now a worldwide operator. Within Italy the company is organised across 7 subsidi-aries and 30 partners specialised in various business branches; outside Italy, there are 10 branches split into subsidiaries directly linked with the parent company, as well as associates.

Our structure ( just like the one of the partners who belong to it ) carries in it’s own DNA that unique care and attention in the services provided which distinguishes the professional practice that it derives from.