Fashion’s logistic

Special attention for a special product.

Our longstanding customs experience in the textile and shoemaking industry has made us familiar with the peculiarities of a sector in which speed, precision, flexibility and security are the key-drivers.
High-quality service, a willingness to customise and make Mazzoleni & Facori the ideal partner for firms which require round-the-clock support.

Management of warehouses for raw materials:
Receipt and quality control/correspondence check of consignments from suppliers
Picking and preparation of orders for manufacturing plants
Management of finished product:
Collection of finished product from manufacturing plants
Receipt and control
Reconditioning and finishing, application of tags/hangers
Preparation of orders for clients
Preparation of cases and/or boxes, enveloping
Distribution to retail of hanging garments and/or cases within 24 hours of receipt from the logistics plat-form and/or from preparation of the order
Outsourced management of documentation and/or inventories
Management of samples with dedicated resources